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Dec 8 - Greetings from Long Island, NY. The past 3 months I have been working towards my Master's degree in Comp. Science at SUNY Stony Brook. I had absolutely no free time so this is just a quick update since I had to move to a new server. So, the update includes the Physics University section as well as the Links.

Jun 22 - Long time, no update eh? Well, I' ve been quite busy studying to get my degree in Physics, as I will be going to the US for graduate studies in CS. I had time for a quick update, mainly to the Physics University section. Also, the S25 page got some new midis (actually the first update in about 2 years for the old & trusty mobile). Finally, there are some new Links to check out as well as some minor changes here and there.

Mar 18 - Update of the Jokes section. Apart from the 70 new Jokes, I have transferred all the English and Greek jokes to a database, which supports a rating system. For now, you can only rate the jokes. The ratings will become visible when I have a sufficient number of votes.

Mar 2 - My exams are finally over and I have time to update the site and work on my projects. For now we have new material only for Greek visitors at the Physics University section as well as the Star Mitsos 6 through 10 audio clips at the fun section.

Feb 3 - Sorry for the error in the DVD-2-DivX Rip-pack download. All three mirrors fixed now. Check it out.

Feb 1 - This is an exam period for me and as a result there is no time for any work on the site, but the release of DivX 5.0.3 could not be left without an update of my guide and rippack. So, with DivX 5.0.3 instructions and a few XMPEG troubleshooting tips, check out Ecuador's DVD-2-DivX Guide for beginners v2.3 (also available in French - translated by Joel) at the PC-DVD pages.


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