Site News 2000

Dec 28 -Some links and minor changes in Links, Celebs and Adult sections. Minor update of my Rip-Pack and Guide (PC-DVD section). I had some time to work on the upcoming Flash version of the site which is at about 15% of completion.

Dec 2 -Now the Jokes section features hilarious IRC logs by Neptune in English too. Also, the PC-DVD pages were updated with the release of the AVI Bitrate Calculator 2.

Nov 27 - Check out the Jokes section, featuring new, hilarious IRC logs by Neptune and Sir Gus. Also, the PC-DVD pages were updated, and some other minor changes here and there.

Nov 3 - It's been quite a while... Well, after my exam period I left for vacation and when I returned I had problems with my PC (dead DIMM). Now I am back and working on a Flash version of the site which will be completed in a couple of months... So, stay tuned! As for the HTML version? The PC-DVD pages have finally been updated, and so have the Emulation pages. Some University pages were translated to Greek since they have no value for foreign visitors (like Lab Exercises...). As for the JOKES section, I have a brand new IRC Fun section in Greek, featuring Sir Gus's logs and many new English jokes.

Sept 6 - No more separate pages for IE and Netscape. The MIDI player still works only under IE, but it only loads if you click on the icon.

Aug 23 - Major Update!!! (Over 30MB uploaded) New section about S25 mobiles. Check out the redesigned Astronomy pages in the Physics section. It has Space Games for you to download, plus my personal astrophoto gallery. Compilers added, you can find them in the Warez section. NES top 10 Roms in Emulation pages. Also added some links in Adult and Celebrities, plus some Jokes.

Jul 20 - Fixed some stuff in JOKES section. Improved the design, but not the content of the MP3 and PC-DVD pages.

Jun 10 - Major Update!!! A brand new section for my site: JOKES!. You will find a collection of jokes both in English and in Greek. Also, the Celebrity section is redesigned and updated. Also, check out the Physics page: the Astronomy section offers downloadable software, new past papers are added and the Files section offers some compilers.

May 16 - I changed the Netscape version Index page wallpaper, after a friendly contribution (and demand :). The new wallpaper is designed by Sir Gus.

May 6 - Newly designed index page! Actually, you are looking at it right now. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I had so much work...

Mar 25 - Complete remake of the University page. Lots of new stuff added. Check it out!

Feb 22 - University page updated with exercises and past papers. Corrections on Celebrities page.

Feb 5 - I did some retouching on some pages, but the most important was the work done on the Emulation pages, which are still far from being complete. I started a new feature in the University page which is none other than exercises from older exam periods with their solutions. Only one lesson for the moment, but watch out. Please, email me for bugs, broken links, stuff to put on the page etc.

Jan 24 - Changed the look of the Emulation pages, but they are still empty!

Jan 21 - Little new stuff today on University, Adult and PC-DVD pages.

Jan 16 - Hello people! It's been A LOT of time since my last update. Unfortunately I had some problems - I lost the entire contents of my HD - that kept me from regularly updating the site. Also I had a lot of other engagements like school and work so I haven' t really been working on the site. I' ll try for more updates in the future. As you may noticed I am returning with quite a few enhancements. First of all, there is a different set of pages for each browser. There is a MIDI player for the IE version (which is the most complete) - maybe I will be able to add something similar to the Netscape version later. The old utilities page has changed to a new (and quite unfinished) Warez - Utilities page. A new page was created covering the latest in PC-DVD, such as soft-decoders, rippers e.t.c., new stuff in Adult, Links and Celebs pages. Emulation section is not much to look at yet. Finally, an "about" page informs you of the programs that made this site. E-mail for any ideas, or problems concerning this page.