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This page is devoted to the PC-DVD scene. It contains information about playback of DVD titles on PC's and the creation of CD's with MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 video and AC3, mp3 etc. sound. Have a look at the following sections:

Software Players - The best available software DVD players are tested and rated by terms of quality and CPU usage. Also some info on display cards.

Ecuador's AVI Bitrate Calculator - The best calculator for selecting the appropriate Video/Audio bitrate for your AVIs. Incudes an AVI normalizer.

Tools - The most important software tools for DVD to AVI / xVCD conversions.

DVD-2-DivX Guide & Rip-pack - DVD to DivX guide for beginners, using XMPEG accompanying an excellent rip-pack.

PC-DVD Links - There are many interesting and thorough sites out there... Check them out.

Latest News:

Feb 1 : DVD-2-DivX Guide/Rip-pack for Beginners v2.3 released. Support for DivX 5.0.3, VirtualDub 1.4.13, XMPEG Troubleshooting help. French translation again by Joel.
Nov 5
: DVD-2-DivX Guide/Rip-pack for Beginners v2.2 released. Thanx to my friend Joel, the guide is now translated in French! The older v1.2 Guide also received a minor update, since people seem to still be using it.
Oct 30
: AVI Bitrate Calculator v2.91 DX is out.
Oct 5
: AVI Bitrate Calculator v2.9 DX is out.
July 5
: AVI Bitrate Calculator v2.87 Deluxe is out.