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Here I list a few of the most important DVD ripping/converting utilities.



BeSweet / OGG Machine : AC3/Vob to MP3/WAV/OGG etc. conversion.

Normalizer : Fast WAV normalizer.

OGG Vorbis DS filter : DirectShow CBR/VBR OGG audio encoding decoding.



DivX codec : Mpeg 4 codec. One of the best (and free) video codecs available for AVI's.

XviD : Good opensource mpeg 4 codec.


Media Players:

BSplayer : One of the best players, suitable for DivX content. Features skins, multiple audio streams, custom pan & scan, subtitles and much more.

Media Player Classic : Based on Media Player 6.4 can also play Real Media, Quicktime, DVD's as long as you have the appropriate software installed.

Microsoft Media Player 6.4 : Download player 6.4 as versions 7+ really suck...



DVD Decrypter : Excellent ripper, make sure you install an ASPI layer for win XP/2k.

Smart Ripper : Good ifo-based ripper. Many options.


Subtitle Tools:

SubRip : Easy to use OCR-based DVD subtitle ripper.

Subtitle Workshop : Can do almost any kind of conversion / prossesing to any subtitle format.


Video Editors/Encoders:

VirtualDub : The ultimate AVI creation/conversion/processing tool. Also accepts Mpeg1 input.

TMPGEnc : Freeware Mpeg1 encoding. Also supports Mpeg 2 encoding, but as a 30 day trial.

DVD2AVI : VOB to AVI conversion tool that comes with a VFAPI plug-in.

FlaskMPEG : Good for producing Mpeg 1 streams or AVIs from DVD's.

XMPEG : One of the easiest direct DVD to AVI (or Mpeg 1) tools. It is based on FlaskMPEG.

NanDub SBC : DivX encoding tool based on VirtualDub. Smart Bitrate Control results to optimum quality for a given filesize.

ProjectDivX : MM4 Encoding. Rather obsolete with the DivX 4/5 2-pass option.