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AVI Bitrate Calc
For Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP
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October 30 2002 - Version 2.91 DX

The second version of my program is actually a compilation of calculators optimized for use with the various steps of various DVD to DivX methods, as it was created to accompany my Rip-Packs. Nevertheless, most features are also usefull for any other DVD to AVI / xVCD etc conversion. The program was tested under Windows 98SE, Me 2000 and XP with large and small fonts (looks better with small fonts) and is distribued as freeware. The "deluxe" version, in addition to the calculators, features a PCM WAV normalizer.

Current Version : 2.91
(v2.91 DX)
(October 30 2002)
Choose a distribution to download:

If you haven't ever installed a full version of AVICalc then you might be missing a couple of required VB 6 files (they could have already been installed by other progs). If the first two packages give you an error when running WAV normalizer or Resolution calc, then download and install the third, complete package.

1. Download installable package (537kb) - (Recommended)
site 1 - site 2 - site 3

2. Download ".exe only" package (117kb)
site 1 - site 2 - site 3

3. Download Full installer (Calculator + VB6 libraries) (2.40MB)
site 1

If you have problems downloading from the above links, try DivX Digest.


What's New in v2:

(v2.91 DX):

- Fixed "type mismach" error that appeared in some non-English versions of Windows.
- WAV Normalizer: Multi-buffering extended to 4MB for better performance.
- Set 1kbps=1000bps for mp3.

(v2.9 DX):

- Faster WAV normalizer with single/multi buffering option.
- "+/-" buttons for more keyboard-free usage.
- A couple of bug fixes.

(v2.87 Deluxe):

- Improved Help (Compiled HTML).
- Calculator code cleanup.
- Bitrate calculator size info.

(v2.85 Deluxe):

- Normalizer success report.
- Normalizer tolerance.
- Normalizer ETA.
- Simple resolution / aspect ratio calc.

(v2.8 Deluxe):

- PCM WAV normalizer.
- DivX 5 spyware disabler.
- More AVI overhead options.

(release 7):

- New manual (Readme.htm) and installer.
- Some aesthetic changes and bug fixes.
- Smaller executable.
- Tooltips.

(release 6):

- Support for DivX 4.

(release 5):

- Code cleanup.
- Installable distribution.
- Minor changes regarding user input & appearance.

(release 4c):

- Corrected "small font" appearance.
- Improved decimal accuracy.

(release 4):

- Some bugs "squashed".
- Added HH:MM:SS format in Video Bitrate Calculator.
- Choise between 23.976 and 29.97 NTSC frame rates.

(release 3):
- Some general fixes and new compilation settings.
- Added splash screen.
- Ability to save user settings (".ini" file).
(release 2):
- Introducing Quick Convert.
- Introducing Hard Disk Space Calculator.
- Introducing Audio Bitrate Calculator.
- Introducing AVI Splitting Calculator.
- Added some protections for inappropriate user input.
- Cosmetic changes.
(release 1c):
- Added the requested 224kbps audio option in Video Bitrate Calc.
(release 1):
- Fixed quick-convert bug.
- Relocated Quick Converters.
- Added the "Check For Update" panel, found at the "about" window.
- Some variables (like movie length) are now global.
- Program exits when main window is closed and other minor stuff.



Old Version : 1.2
(Nov 13 2000)
filesize : 25kB


What's New in v1.2:
- Added advanced (interleaving) settings. - Some cosmetic changes.


Download Ecuador's ABC v1.2





Old Version : 1.1
(Nov 3 2000)
filesize : 20kB


What's New in v1.1:

- First Public Release.
- Added "quality" feature.
- Fixed small fonts problem.


Download Ecuador's ABC v1.1



Work In Progress / To Do List :

Note that v3.0 will be released when all items targeted "3.0" are completed. The list is sorted based on what I plan to complete sooner. I do not know when I will release a new version as I have very little time to devote to the project.

v3.0 is aproaching release...

% Complete
Target version
New appearance
Full interleaving options (VBR, 2nd stream)
Rewrite old calculator code
Dock to system tray
Greek translation
Save / load multiple .ini files
Import duration from AVI, WAV
Multilingual support
Quality Calculation / Auto Resolution
New AVI spliting calc (finds exact keyframe)
Normalize AVI's with PCM sound
3.1 ?
Smart Dynamic Normalizing for AVI / WAV
3.1 ?
Extended AVI info
3.1 ?
Import settings from .ifo
3.1 ?
Color Schemes
3.1 ?
Contol normalizer buffer size & number
3.2 ??