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This page is devoted to the PC-DVD scene. It contains information about playback of DVD titles on PC's and the creation of "miniDVD's" which are CD-R's with MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 video and AC3 or mp3 sound. Have a look at the following sections:



DVD Soft - Oleg' s site. One of the best to learn the latest on PC - DVD. If the link doesn't work try a mirror.

DVD Digest - Read guides and download software.

Apachez Site - Want some dvd/vcd software? Maybe Apachez has it.

Q Bert's ultimate world - Everything you need to download concerning PC-DVD should be found here.

DOOM9's MPEG Palace - The ultimate MPEG 4 / DivX site.

DVD Infomatrix - Learn about Soft Players and other DVD stuff. - The definitive source for ripped subtitles.