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Artificial Intelligence

The Cyrano Server
Fantastic love letter generator. Fill in the required data, choose a style and have your personal love letter delivered!

Scott Pakin's Automatic Complaint-Letter Generator
He he, this is quite funny, check it out.

Eliza the psychiatrist
Start your session now.

Dissertation Topic
Well, can' t you think of a good one? Check out this page and get ready for your PhD.

The Universal Translator
This one is not exactly AI, but it is pretty funny, as it allows you to view websites "translated" in some weird english dialects.

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Educational / Informative
Complete online English dictionary.

Acronym Finder
Find what any English acronym means.
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Tell fact from legend.

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Computer Hardware Sites

This is the best place for daily hardware news. The reviews are not much in quantity but they are usualy high quality.

Tom's Hardware Guide
Among the favorite hardware sites, possibly the most popular. THG does the most reviews, but sometimes there is no attention to details.

In the same league as the above, this site also features a weekly pricelist for CPU, RAM etc. Sometimes the AnandTech reviews are better than the THG ones, but they are certainly fewer...

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Friend's Home Pages

Nikos Kanellopoulos Home Page
This is the Site that my friend Nikos started September '99. Interesting stuff about Linux and Photography - check out the photos of Santorini. GREEK only.
This is a book on Casino games, converted for online reading by a fellow physics student. GREEK & ENGLISH.

Joel's site on DivX, Mp3, FS 2002, Atari ST. FRENCH

Roland's classic rock band page.

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Hilarious Pictures
A page with hilarious pictures that will take some time to load.

SkunkVT's Web Pages
This site features lots of funny stuff, including a joke generator.

Rompa Di GrNet
Logs of IRC users who knew less than they thought. GREEK only.

Jokes GR
Many jokes, special Korkolis section. GREEK only.

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Geography / Maps

Yahoo! Maps
Find any location in the US.

Maps and satellite photos of the US and the world.

World Cities and Towns
An extensive index of thousands of cities all over the world, providing coordinates, altitude etc.
Full interactive map of the Athenian streets. GREEK only.

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Greek Links

***Also look above (the Fun section) for a couple of more Greek links.

Greek Yellow Pages
Here is a great site for Greeks. OTE' s (Greek Telecom.) catalogs are available on-line.
The BEST Greek Portal. Search Engine, On-Line Stock market.

TOXO search
Greek search engine.

Athens Real-Time Traffic Congestion Map
A real time map of Athens indicating the traffic density on selected streets.

Enter street and number in Athens, Salonica or Heracleion and have a look at an instantly generated map.

Super Aggelies
Enter your own or check out the existing advertisments.

Hrisi Efkaireia
Same as the previous, with worse site navigation.

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Hacker Tools-Anarchy

***(some copyright-violating material may be found here, this site is not responsible for what you may encounter, enter at your own risk).

Anarchy Underground
Pretty complete site with tons of anarchy/hacking/phreaking texts and programs.

Underground Links
Only links here, but will help beginners very much.

Serials Online DataBase
An excellent site featuring hundreds of serials for the most popular shareware and retail programs.

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Mail - SMS services

Excellent service! Register, and send SMS messages that appear to come from your own mobile!

If you register this excellent site you will be able to send messages to cellular phones (SMS) - Panafon is not supported.

Like the previous, but this one supports Panafon as well and has no registration.

Choose this free e-mail service, good if you are using Outlook Express 5+.

Golden Telecom SMS
Another SMS page. International char. support. No registration, no Telestet.

Free SMS service that supports all Greek networks. Requires registration. GREEK only.

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Internet Movie DataBase
Check out the best internet site about movies. Use the search engine to find out about any movie or cast member.

Do you want to know more about future films like Terminator 3 & 4, Matrix 2 & 3, Star Wars Ep. 2 & 3, Indiana Jones 4, Jurassic Park 3, Tomb Raider, AI, Final Fantasy etc? This site has all the info.

Extensive news site an all media, including movies.
As close as it gets to IMDB for greek sites. Hope it grows.

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AMG All Music Guide
Pretty large database with info on many artists & albums.
In numbers this should be the largest database of CD releases. Unfortunatelly no additional info (year, cover etc) is given..

FMiTV Music
Large collection of streaming music videos.

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Online Shopping - Hot Deals
If you haven't been living in a cave the last few years, you should know, the definitive online bookstore, that is now more than bookstore, selling DVD's, electronics, apparel & more. The prices are great and the services very reliable. Apart from the US store you can visit the English, the French, or the German. Specifically for DVD's you might try a couple of other links I have lower.

My favorite online computer store. Reliability and great prices is what you will find here.

Online auctions. You can find literally anything here.

Keep track of the lowest prices for computer parts.
Very good deals here. Check out the DVD section!
Talking about DVD's, here's another good link.
This site is all about hot deals. Check the forum!

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PC 2 Phone

***Until May 15 2001, these sites offered free PC-2-phone services. Now the services are not free, just low priced.

One of the cheapest PC 2 Phone services. The sound quality is good and a fast internet connection will help. The calls are made through an easy to use program.

This service, formerly known as Delta-Three, is also very competitively priced. The sound quality is inferior to Dialpad, but works for slower connections.

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Copy-Paste any text to the InterTran free web-based compiler and it have it translated to most languages. InterTran supports 27 languages, including Greek!

Supports fewer languages than InterTran and requires a free registration.

Babel Fish
Altavista's free service based on SYSTRAN.

Easy Gifting Translator
Translate Webpages or text from English to 5 languages or vice-versa (no Greek).

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