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Emulators are applications (software-only most of the time) that allow programs that were created for a system to be able to run on a different system with completely different hardware. The target system must be adequately more powerfull than the emulated system, as the emultion itself requires significant processing power. The emulation is seldomly perfect or near perfect. During the second half of the 1990's the emulation scene has evolved greatly, as the processing power of modern computers and the work of devoted coders made possible the emulation of many systems on the PC. The systems that have received the most attention and the most efforts for their emulation are, for obvious reasons, gaming systems, such as consoles, handhelds, arcades. Hundreds of emulators have been developed, some more advanced than others that cover almost every gaming system (and not only) that has ever appeared. During the first years of the emulation scene only old systems were emulated, systems that would otherwise be lost forever. These systems had their roms (programms) dumped and made available through the internet, and the emulators made them work on PC's, thus preserving them for the next generations. The last couple of years though, more advanced systems have been emulated creating an illegal rom craze.

These pages are devoted to the emulation scene. They are intented to let you take a glimpse of the advances in emulation and help you find anything that will interest you.


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