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Arcade System Emulators

Multi Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME)

MAME is the greatest arcade emulation project ever. It currently supports close to 2000(!) games and game clones, and new games are always added. MAME supports most games from the mid 70's to the late 80's and also many newer NeoGeo games. The emulator supports cheats, has good sound support, but it is not fast, as speed is not the primary concern of its developers. We can say that, in a way, MAME is not an emulator, but a classic arcade preservation and documentation project. There is also a windows version MAME32, but it is even slower and a fast Pentium II would be required for all games to work. Download the emulator from the websites:




IMPACT sure made a big impact when it was released on the second day of the new millennium. This emulator can run a few Capcom games from 1997, like Street Fighter EX+, Battle Arena Toshinden 2 with 3D graphics and sound. A beta version that allowed a couple of even newer games to run (like the '99 release Super Streetfighter EX 2 plus), was leaked and the authors have shut down their site ever since. The emulator requires a fast PC (PII 400+) with lots of RAM (128MB), since the speed will suffer on anything less. '99 Games tested on my Athlon 750 (and an old 4MB ATI card) run almost flawlessly, real pity this emulator hasn't had another release.

Download both Impact Versions and required boardrom


MESS (Multi Emulator Super System)

MESS, the Multi Emulator Super System, as the name suggests, is something more than just an Arcade emulator. In fact, it emulates many Arcade games along with several game consoles (like Sega MS/GameGear, Genesis, Vectrex, Atari 800/5200 and more)!. Of course it does not do a better job than dedicated emulators but, like MAME it is nice to have one emulator for all those systems. Besides, if you have a moderatelly fast system there won't be any real problems.

M.E.S.S. Homepage



Callus is an excellent emulator for Capcom games such as Street Fighter II, Dadillacs and Dinosaurs, Punisher, Ghouls n' Ghosts and many other action titles. There is a version for both DOS and Windows. The emulator is fast, even older Pentiums will play the titles with good graphics and quality sound. It even supports network play.

Callus Homepage



This emulator has many fans, has good graphics & sound, it emulates several games like Puzzle Bobble 3, Ninja Gaiden, Wrestlefest and runs in DOS mode, requiring a Pentium at about 150Mhz or more. While this emulator has been discontinued at the beginning of the new century, the source was released and the project is continued by new coders.

Raine WIP Page
Official Raine Page



RAGE is a very fast DOS based emulator, that runs about a dozen SNK, Capcom & IREM games, such as R-Type I & II, Ninja Spirit etc. The RAGE team are currently working on the excellent NeoRAGE emulator, which is also a very fast emulator, since they work very much in assembly.

Rage Homepage

EMUlation eXitement



Replay+ is second only to MAME in terms of game support, since more than 150 games are emulated. There is only a DOS version and the development of the emulator has stopped a long time ago.

Replay Homepage




Retrocade is a DOS / Win 9x emulator that supports over 100 games with sound. It is quite fast and features a very nice GUI.

Retrocade Homepage

Retrocade ROM Links:
Jose Q's emuviews
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