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Other Emulators


Sony Playstation

The excellent Bleem! emulator greatly improves the graphics for the games that it supports. The drawback is that it costs 30$, unless you install a crack. There are also freeware emulators like ePSXe.

Bleem Homepage



Nintendo GameBoy Advance

The first system to be emulated before its release. The discontinued GBAEmu was able to run several demos a few months before the system's release. Newer emulators run commercial games.

Boycott Advance Homepage
DreamGBA Homepage
VisualBoy Advance Homepage


Nintendo GameBoy / GameBoy Color

HelloGB Homepage
Boycott Homepage


NEC TurboGraFX 16 / PC Engine

Magic Engine, the best emulator for the PCE costs $35, so you could use the second best Hu6280.

Hu6280 Homepage
Magic Engine Homepage




Handy Homepage