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Technical Specs:

CPU 16bit 68000 @ 12MHz
Memory on cartridge/Neo CD : 7MB
Graphics 320x224, 4096 colors (65536 palete), 380 sprites
Sound Z80 @ 6MHz & YM-2610 @ 8MHz, 8 FM, 7 DAC channels
Game Media Cartridge (up to 42MB)


The Japanese SNK released a console in 1990 that has almost the same hardware as their arcade machines, called the NEO-GEO. The console was vastly superior to anything available in the home gaming market and awed everyone who laid eyes on it. The console had digital sound, CPU power to spare and cartridges with LOADS of capacity (330Mbit). The problem was the cost of the console (650$).Furthermore, the large capacity of the cartridges came at a dissapointingly large price (about 200$, since the cartridges also hosted the system RAM) . Even if games for the Neo-Geo are made to this day (for the arcade version), the console never sold well. The Neo-Geo has many fighting games, like the Fatal Fury and the King Of Fighters series. In 1994 the NeoGeo CD hit the market, but without any success.


There' s half a dozen of NeoGeo emulators, with two standing out. Be carefull, as you will need the NeoGeo BIOS in order for them to work.

- NeoRAGEx : A Win 9x continuation of the DOS NeoRAGE. The RAGE team have done an excellent job with this emulator, providing full NeoGeo emulation, with excellent sound and graphics, even for simple Pentium PC' s. A Pentium 200 should play all games very well, try it with even slower computers. The GUI is one of my favourite.

- KBMame : This is a MAME version made for NeoGeo games only, meaning it is smaller to download. Like KBMAME is not for slow computers, but has good sound and graphics.

Try also :




Also, you will need the NeoGeo BIOS available here.


ROM Links:

Jose Q's emuviews : Many NEO GEO (and not only) roms on this excellent site.

EMUlation eXitement : Screenshots and descriptions accompany the roms.