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Nintendo 64
(Also known as "Ultra 64" or simply "N64")

Technical Specs:

CPU 64bit R4300 @ 93.75Mhz
Memory 4MB / 8MB (expansion pack)
Graphics 64bit GPU @ 62.5Mhz, 640x480 res, 16.8 mil. colors
Sound Stereo, 100 PCM channels @ 44.1kHz
Game Media Cartridge (4 to 32 MB)


Nintendo released its 64bit console in 1996. In contrast to the SNES, the N64 had loads of processing power, with a MIPS CPU at 93.75MHz and an "Immersion Graphics" GPU very capable of 24bit texture/3D rendering, supporting fog, light and transparency effects, bilinear filtering, z-buffer etc. The single (but great) downside of N64 was its cartridge format which did not appeal to game developers (and gamers too). Maybe the N64 engineers had only games like the (excellent) Mario 64 in mind, condemning this great console to the second place in the console market (after the PSX).



About 20 N64 emulators have appeared, with about 6-7 of them able to play commercial games.

- UltraHLE : It was January 1999, various coders were trying to prove that, despite what many believed, N64 emulation was possible - none was successful. That is when the first (and only) release of UltraHLE came and changed the emulation scene for good. UltraHLE was light-years in front of the competition, allowing high-end PC's with 3DFx cards to play several games of the most powerful console (at the time). The authors (RealityMan & Epsilon) were shocked by the response to their emulator and discontinued it after a few hours of the first release.

- Nemu64 : Considered by most people to be the second-best N64 emulator. Nemu runs many games, but besides being relatively slow, it does not seem to run on many configurations.

- Project64 : A rather newly released emulator that seems really promising. It has a decent compatibility and, for me at least, seems to be running more smoothly than Nemu. A PIII/Athlon 600+ is recommended though.

- Corn : Corn is a special case of an emulator since it uses "static" rather than "dynamic" recompilation. The result is special programing for each game, but incredible speed. The only emulator that runs Mario 64 on a Pentium/233. Version 0.2 even supports sound. Also, download the Greek language file for the emulator (translated by Ecuador) here. Overall, it is the only emulator for systems with a slow CPU and the best-looking emulator for systems with an ATI Rage Pro card.

- True Reality : TR can run few games and demos and has sound support. It is very fast and promising.

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