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Sega Genesis
(Also known as "MegaDrive" in Europe)

Technical Specs:

CPU 16bit 68000 @ 7.8Mhz
Memory 64kB
Graphics 64kB VRAM, 320x224(NTSC), 64 colors (512 palette), 80 (32x32) sprites
Sound Z80 @ 4Mhz, 8kB, FM, 6 Stereo chan, 4 mono.
Game Media Cartridge (256kB to 4MB)


In late 1989 SEGA released the first real 16bit system (TurboGrafx16 had an 8bit processor) to conquer the console market, which was dominated by Nintendo and the NES. The Genesis, as the console was called in the US, was the most advanced console of its time, especially in CPU speed, really challenging NES owners to switch to the new system. The Genesis was very successful, especially before the release of the SNES, which proved a very strong competitor, having better graphics and sound. SEGA tried to enhance the console with the SEGA CD and the 32X add-on, but both attempts failed miserably.

Genesis only Emulators:

There's less than 10 Genesis emulators around. The best are KGen98 and Genecyst.

- KGen98 : Very good compatibility, sound, save states etc. This emulator for DOS is (along with Genecyst) the best around and will allow you to play Genesis games on Pentiums. It has the best graphics than any Genesis emulator.

- Genecyst : About as good as KGen. Again for DOS, plays most Genesis games with very good sound. It is slightly faster and more compatible than KGen.

- DGen : While it is still not as good as the previous, DGen could become even better, since it is still being developed (unlike the others). It will need a faster computer, supports sound, split screen and is for Win 9x.

Try also :

Megasis, VGEN, Gens


32x Emulators:

2000 is the year the 32x console is finally emulated. 2 emulators currently exist:

- Vegas : The first emulator to run (a few) 32x games. I have not tried it yet. A fast PII is recommended.

- Ages : Ages came out shortly after Vegas' release.


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