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If you use any commercial software, please buy it.


Shareware - Utilities

Winzip 8
Indispensable utility for creating and managing compressed folders.

GetRight 4.3
The most famous downloader. Set up your downloads and go to sleep... GetRight will do the best.

Mass Downloader 2.1
This excellent downloader will let you download huge files using your maximum bandwidth by a multiple thread technique. Also, with this software you can select and download individual files from within a ".zip" archive!

ACDSee 3.1
The best way to browse through hundreds of pics. Supports almost every pic format.

Snad Boy's Revelation
Forgot a password? All you can see is stars? Then this might help!

You thought Win 9x/Me/2k featured task managers? Forget those and get something decent.



Warez-Appz Links

***(some copyright-violating material may be found here, this site is not responsible for what you may encounter, enter at your own risk).

***Be care full with some of these sites. It is sometimes difficult to find the entrance as they can be full of misleading links. Some might try to force you into voting for them - Do Not.***

This is something you can start from, this page contains some very interesting appz you can try out. I suggest "Net Sonic Pro" to speed up your Internet, "Copernic" to speed up your searches, "Sandra" to learn more about your system, and many more. If the link doesn't work try mirror 1, mirror 2, mirror 3 , mirror4.
You might find sth useful here. Use only the above link, as the actual homepage is quite misleading - and DO NOT VOTE for them (unless you are positive they are worth it).
VERY confusing for the beginner, requires a lot of "digging in the dark". Could be useful, but most probably it will be just confusing...
You don't allways have to find cracked progs ("warez"). Most programs are offered in shareware form (find them in sites like TUCOWS or so you only need a crack or a serial number. With Astalavista that is easy, as you can search among hundreds of dedicated "cracking" sites.



Old Games - Abandonwarez

For Great Space games go to my Astronomy page.

The Underdogs
You will find over 1000 underrated classics here, with detailed descriptions.

Active Abandonware Millennium
Also good for old games.

Alexander' s abandonware & warez
Like the above two, but with less games.

The Gaming Depot
Same as above.



Compilers / Interpreters (for DOS & Windows)

Compilers are now available on a separate COMPILERS SECTION.



Scientific / Educational Progs & Tools

For Space/Astronomy related programs go to my Astronomy page.



TopSpice V5.71 : A good analog/digital circuit simulation program. While it is the most advanced emulator in its price range, there are even better spice programs, like H-Spice. Nevertheless, this TopSpice version, released in 1999, should be all you need. (Besides, H-Spice is more than 20MB's + 10MB's for the manual, so I can't easily upload it.) (Win 9x). (2.5Mb)


Wolfram Research MATHEMATICA 2.2 : The ultimate mathematics program. The program is the most powerful of its kind, providing the tools for even the most complex calculations. The only drawback is that the first version that is really easy to use is v3.0, which is about 100MBs... Of course, this program is worth buying and comes at a special price for students (Win 9x). To run the program you will also need winmem32.dll. Just unzip the file and put it in the Mathematica installation folder. (4.17Mb)



Audio CD Rippers, MP3 Encoders

These programs can be found in the MP3 Section.