Site News 2001

Nov 1 - (a few hours after my last posting) When my site was little popular, the files where up for months without being deleted. Now, after a few hours 2 of 4 accounts were removed from Angelfire. I will try an other free server, sorry for the inconvenience.

Nov 1 - As you should have noticed, all my extra accounts where my large files where uploaded had been deleted for some time now. Today I reuploaded all the files to new accounts. Let's see how long they will last this time. Also several errors due to the new layout have been resolved.

Oct 22 - Site Redesign! My exams are over, so I had some time to complete the redesigned site, which, I hope, you will enjoy. There were several updates in content too, and more will come soon.

Aug 23 - I restored most compilers found in the Warez or the Physics University section. AVI Bitrate Calculator version 2.6, with DivX4 support is located in the PC-DVD pages.

Aug 14 - Unfortunately has closed down, and Tripod has deleted my main account so most of my downloads are down for the moment. I will re-upload when I find a suitable server. The Physics University pages are updated, as well as the Emulation section.

Jun 19 - AVI Bitrate Calculator version 2.5, found in the PC-DVD pages.

Jun 6 - AVI Bitrate Calculator version 2.4c, found in the PC-DVD pages.

Jun 1 - Major Update! My dedicated readers certainly deserve a generous update. I have upgraded my Internet connection to ISDN 64k so I uploaded some stuff: I re-uploaded the Tripod mirror links for my compilers, and added new ones, as well as some scientific progs. All this can be found in the Warez or the Physics University section. I updated the Physics University pages to provide better source of information for my fellow students regarding our courses. The AVI Bitrate Calculator version 2.4 is released, find it in the PC-DVD pages, along with v1.2 of my Guide and Rip-pack. Also, after a long, long time there has been changes in the MP3 section (including downloadable software).

May 8 - Since there are quite some people using my AVI Bitrate Calculator, I might as well save them from some clicking & typing by adding ".ini" file support. Download version 2.3 from the PC-DVD pages.

Apr 19 - I must admit, I have been neglecting the site and that is due to other engagements (i.e. university). Several links were corrected, but I must warn you that tripod has deleted my account so all "mirror" download links are down for the time (as well as a few standard links). I will start uploading stuff next month when I have upgraded to ISDN, since, for the past couple of months, my 56k dial-up seldomly connects at speeds greater than 31-33kbps...

Feb 18 -Fixed the Bitrate Calculator download. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Feb 15 -Today my exams finish, so I will be working on the site again. For now, I have added a new release of my AVI Bitrate Calculator (PC-DVD pages) and added or corrected a few links here and there...

Jan 20 - I uploaded some compilers lying around (including the requested Fortran 77) which can be found at the University and Warez pages.

Jan 14 - Happy new year everyone. Many past exam papers added to the University page. Check out the Jokes section with new IRC logs by Neptune. There is no work being done on the Flash version, as I am entering my exam period.