Site News 1999

Sep 12 - Well, well... seems like the Physics University page has been updated.. It has many exercises and information about SETI@home an interesting program that lets you participate in the search for E.T. Check it out and join the team of the Physics department which I founded today. Also some new Links. Added some background music - Terminator 2 : Judgment day.

Sep 3 - As you may have noticed I didn't really have any time to work on the site... As my exam period for the University has begun and will go on until mid-October. Don' t worry, you can find several enhancements in the Links, the Celebrities and the MP3 page. Also, sign my guestbook!

Jul 22 - Today I stated working on the site again, and started this "News/Updates" posting in order to inform you of any important changes and also about the work being done on this site. Right now there are not many things to see. The only pages actually worth seing are Links and Celebrities.