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Neptune's Eng

IRC logs by Neptune (english version)

Welcome to the alternative world of Neptune. Follow his pioneering voyage through the undiscovered lands of dementia. Since Neptune starts a sort of "linguistic warfare" with his "victims", knowledge of the Greek language would be helpfull, but I am always here to sort things out.

/** My personal comments are made with yellow **/

Last Update:
Jan 14 2001


Cultural differences are not always the reason for communication failure. Not if Neptune is involved.

Neptune vs Katana


What does a butcher and a negro Kasanova have in common? They both come from Cameroon and they are both called Neptune.

Neptune vs Nereida
Neptune vs Valerie_R


Oct 2 2000


As Neptune is unraveling his linguistic skills, he will seduce young Thumblina and shock Nikita.

Neptune vs Thumblina

Neptune vs Nikita



Is Esterlita a burger or not? You decide.

Neptune vs Esterlita