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/** The Nereid and the bastard. **/

Start of nereida buffer: Fri Nov 26 02:36:55 1999
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<Neptune> hi
<nereida> hi
<Neptune> a/s/l?
<nereida> 18 f mexico u?'
<Neptune> 23/m/Cameroon
<Neptune> are u black?
<nereida> why?
<Neptune> i want to know if i can see u in the dark
<nereida> thats not funny! anyway in mexico were tan skin not dark ones u idiot!!!
<Neptune> ok
<Neptune> sorry
<Neptune> u don't have to swear
<nereida> sorry u white one
/** Wrong, Cameroonese people are in fact blue, like smurfs. **/
<Neptune> i am from cameroon remember?
<Neptune> cameroon is in africa
<Neptune> u think i am white?
<Neptune> what are the chances?
<nereida> then I dont know why u laugh at black ones
<Neptune> i didn't see anyone laughing
<nereida> i guess i misunderstood then
<Neptune> obviously
<Neptune> what do u do in your life?
<nereida> study i guess u?
<Neptune> run and sleep
<nereida> u run formally?
<Neptune> no naked
<Neptune> why?
<nereida> NAKED?????!!!!!!!
/** Easy to shock, she is. **/
<Neptune> yes
<nereida> i mean u run in a team or just for fun
<Neptune> for fun
<nereida> ic
<Neptune> what do u study?
<nereida> high school and TRanslator
<Neptune> u can transform?
<nereida> what?
<Neptune> oh
<Neptune> i must have confused the verbs
<Neptune> can u transmit?
/** Are you transexual? **/
<nereida> u must want to say, Translate
<nereida> yes, english and a little of french
<Neptune> oh yes sorry
<nereida> :)=
<Neptune> do u like martial arts?
<nereida> no
<nereida> u?
<Neptune> a lot
<Neptune> i know kung fu
<Neptune> i have mastered the gazelle technique
/** It is really not the issue here how the asian Kung Fu masters knew about gazelles. **/
<Neptune> that's why i run so much
<nereida> u must have a gorgeous body
<Neptune> actually
<Neptune> i have the best body
<Neptune> everybody says so
<Neptune> in my village i have many women!
<nereida> ur a casanova!
<Neptune> no i am just a cameroonese youth
<nereida> :)
<Neptune> u have a pic?
<nereida> yes but im not very pretty
<nereida> u ?
<nereida> ill send it
<Neptune> sorry i don't have i gave them all
<Neptune> to my women
<nereida> u can scan it
<Neptune> yes but i don't have a scandisk
/** Try defrag then. **/
<nereida> oh well
<nereida> how many women u have?'
<Neptune> why aren't u sending the pic?
<Neptune> several
<Neptune> depends on the weather
<Neptune> actually
<nereida> mm?
<Neptune> yes
<Neptune> when it's hot i can't have many cause
<Neptune> the heat exhausts me and i can't satisfy them all
<Neptune> so i have to kick some of them
<Neptune> when it's cold
<Neptune> i pick up as many as i can
<Neptune> to warm me
<Neptune> and i can please them all
<nereida> ur very arrogant!
/** More of a lucky bastard, I'd say... **/
<Neptune> i know
<Neptune> not everyone is perfect
<Neptune> but i am
<nereida> I dont like u
<nereida> u thinkthe world is urs
<Neptune> why not?
<Neptune> not the world
<Neptune> just women
<nereida> then u are mistaking with me. Maybe ur hores understand u but im not a thing like them
/** No, you' re desperate. **/
<Neptune> why are u talking about my women like that
<Neptune> ?
<nereida> coz thats what u think we are
<nereida> maybe ur just imagining all this and ur a ugly lone person
/** Nah, Neptune is nice, he just doesn't have 20 women. **/
<Neptune> u have a great imagination
<nereida> not as good as urs
<Neptune> u'd like that
<Neptune> the fact is that i have 20 women and u are alone!
<nereida> i have 1 but thats enough coz theres love and something that u dont have comprenhension
<Neptune> how do u know
<Neptune> i have a reading comprehension
<Neptune> and it's very good i inform u
<Neptune> so what do u do for fun?
<nereida> then its ur life and i dont care
<Neptune> so what do u do for fun?
<nereida> read, dance, photography, music
<Neptune> what do u photograph?
<nereida> old houses, but im just starting
<Neptune> ok
<Neptune> i used to photograph too
<Neptune> but my father smashen the camera
<Neptune> smashed
<nereida> why?'
<Neptune> he thought it was a wild beast :)
<nereida> how funny?
<Neptune> i don't know
<Neptune> how?
<Neptune> where does your nick come from?
<nereida> in ancient GReen there were nereids which are ocean nymphs
/** And inancient BLue there were household nymphos. **/
<Neptune> i thought it was neraids to kerato mou
/** "to kerato mou" is the Greek equivalent to "dammit", while "kerato" is literally a horn. **/
<nereida> what does that mean
<Neptune> what?
<Neptune> neraids?
<nereida> yes
<Neptune> or to kerato mou?
<nereida> both
<Neptune> neraids are fairies
<Neptune> to kerato mou
<Neptune> is ..
<Neptune> actually
<Neptune> there are no exact words in english
<nereida> try to find them
<Neptune> it's something that can comfort u really deep
/** Whoa, what kind of kerato is this? **/
<nereida> then ur right but these ones live in the sea
<Neptune> ok
<Neptune> when did u gimbertish for the first time?
<nereida> whats gimbertish
<Neptune> u don't really know?
<nereida> thats not an english word
<Neptune> actually it isn't
<Neptune> it's ancient scottish
<Neptune> it's something little babies do
<Neptune> anyway
<Neptune> can i ask a question?
<nereida> what
<Neptune> what kinf of mounopan do u use?
/** "Mounopan" is an improper greek word (mouno-pan = female genitals-cloth **/
<nereida> speak in english
<Neptune> mounopan is a serviette
<Neptune> or i don't know what is the word for it
<nereida> then explain it
<nereida> u mean menstruate
/** She got it. **/
<Neptune> what is this?
<Neptune> what u use not to have waters from the period
<nereida> i dont use any
/** Whoa, that's bad baby! **/
<Neptune> how come?
<nereida> u dont need them if u dont want
<Neptune> yes but u will have blood and bliah liquids all over u
<nereida> but not all my life
<nereida> !
<Neptune> that would be missing(auto tha eleipe gia tous adaeis)
<Neptune> auta loipon prepei na thn kanw ki egw
<Neptune> xairetismata se olous mwrh kariola edaxei?
/** Greek that translates to : "That's all, I have to go now" and "say hello to everyone, okay bitch?" **/
<Neptune> ok?
<Neptune> bye
End of nereida buffer Fri Nov 26 02:36:55 1999