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S25 Midi Ringtones

The S25 has 42 built-in ringtones. It can accept an extra ringtone manually, using the built-in melody composer, or through the IrDA port by uploading a MIDI file. Just one extra ringtone might seem little, but it can be up to 147 notes in length, incredible when compared to the limitations of other mobiles. Of course the S25 cannot accept any MIDI containing many instruments and chords etc., there are some limitations.
I have selected several (188) of the hundreds of MIDIs that are available for mobiles through the Internet. I have discarded hundreds that I consider completely useless and kept the best. Unfortunately, these tunes are also for Nokia mobiles and do not take advantage of the 147 note length that the S25 supports. This is where I come in. You can download songs that I have either written myself, or converted from MIDI files and are much longer than most MIDIs available. Of course, if you have some of your own, why not send them over.
To upload a MIDI to your phone, you can use IrDA and a special program, as described in my programs section. If you don't have IrDA you can use an other helpful program.


MIDIs found on the Internet :

I have not included the trashy ones, but only the interesting (more or less) tones. However, most are somewhat short in length.

Download MIDIs

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Ecuador's MIDIs :

Using my (limited) music knowledge and the built-in S25 melody composer I wrote these songs. The Meatloaf piece is 141 notes long and is my favorite ringtone, since I love the song and its beginning sounds like a ring and not a tune.

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Ecuador's converted MIDIs :

The S25 supports only a very limited subset of the MIDI format. I have tried to convert several normal MIDI files to this format, by removing extra instruments, replacing chords with single notes, selecting interesting music segments and removing lots of extra MIDI features. The results are yours to download.

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MIDI-2-S25 :

If you don't have PC with an Infared port, but you still want to use MIDI files, try this program that will let you to manually enter the notes to the melody composer. It does not work miracles, but it helps if you don't have a specialized MIDI program that can show you the staff (e.g.. Cakewalk Pro Audio).

Download MIDI-2-S25

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S25 MIDI format limitations :

The following is taken of the official S25 site :

The standard MIDI Format 0 is used, and the S25 supports the following:
Note On, Note Off MIDI events for channel 0 are analyzed and stored as a melody.
Harmony is ignored.
Meta events: Set Tempo [{delta time} FF 51 tt tt tt-tt tt tt microseconds per MIDI quarternote] The remaining Meta events in the form {delta time} FF {type} {length} {length bytes of data} are ignored.
System exclusive messages in the following forms: F0 {length} {bytes to be transmitted after F0} F7 {length} {all bytes to be transmitted} are also ignored.

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