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General Info

S25 Specs

Siemens brought to us an excellent and beautiful mobile, the S25. The S25 was the first mobile to support wap (wireless access protocol - ver 1.0). It is also the only mobile with a color Hi-Res LCD display which sets it apart from the competition. The color is used effectively for easier navigation and clearer display so it is a shame that the new S35i does not have a color display. But let's have a closer look at its characteristics:

@ Dual Band EGSM 900 / GSM 1800.
@ High Resolution (97x52), 4-Color Display. 6 lines of 16 characters.
@ 200 PhoneBook entries on SIM + 50 on phone.
@ 20 Sec voice recording (voice memo).
@ Silent alert (Vibration).
@ 9600 bps internal fax/modem.
@ IrDA port.
@ WAP ver 1.0 mini-Browser.
@ Weight 125 gr.
@ Calculator, currency converter, daily/weekly/monthly calendar-planner, multiple alarms (max. 30), melody composer, normal/personal phone book, profiles, business cards, programmable keys, 4 games.
@ 24 languages (grouped); add. Languages possible
@ Triple Rate Voice encoding (EFR, FR, HR).
@ Li-ion 650 mAh battery.
@ Recharge time 1-1.5 hour.
@ Standby time 60-200 hours
@ Talk time Up to 300 minutes
@ Dimensions (LxWxH) : 117 x 47 x 23,5 mm
@ SIM Application Toolkit; class 2
@ Encryption A5.0, A5.1 and A5.2

So, the S25 has features that will please every mobile user. The only feature that Nokia 7110 users will miss is the multiple phone entries per person that the vast PhoneBook of the aforementioned mobile supports. Other points where S25 is falling behind is the speed of the hardware modem (9600 bps - but this is the max. supported in Greece) and the WAP version (1.0 not 1.1). But the S25 still offers the best display (the only one in color) and a wealth of features that are not easily found in newer (and more expensive) mobiles. For reference, newer mobiles that fall in the S25's category and are worth being mentioned are : Nokia 7110 & 6210, Ericsson R320s, Siemens S35i, Motorola P7389.

S25 Software Versions

Siemens regularly updates the mobile's software. To find out which version your mobile has first display your Phone Identifier (IMEI) number, by either pressing *#06#, or by the menu (9,8,2). Then press the left special button (under the display). Each version improves functionality (e.g.. v12/42 was the first to show the name of the SMS sender), and has bug-fixes . The latest version that I am aware of is v14/44 (released May 2000). Here are the version differences :


Firmware Version 14 / 44
- Trouble with microphone clear away if using a hand free set.
- The button phone light will be off after 15 sec, instead of 30.
- Some bugfixes (e.g. minesweeper).

Firmware Version 12 / 42
- SMS list shows names, if numbers are listed in PhoneBook.
- Phonebook sort improved.
- IrDA improved.

Firmware Version 10:
- Standby mode improved, Standby extension by 30-40 hours .
- Battery recharge is detected more surely, thus the battery is more optimally loaded .
- Red filter functions now.
- Synchronization with key click and button pressed now works correctly (fast tapping with SMS possible).
- More stable behavior with games and organizer.
- Labyrinth bug removed.
- SMS receipt now without "crashes".
- Own network display now correctly (also with Logo).
- Listener volume improves.
- Transfer now interference-free.
- Information of namecards is send 100%.
- Directory sort method improved (bug removed).
- Daily alarm fixed.
- IrDA bug removed.
- Calm surrounding field / sound surrounding field bug.
- New speed calling key functions.
- Some further rare bugs solved.

There might be a way to upgrade your firmware. Check here for details, but be careful!


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