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Below you can find a photo collection for a few celebrities. Most of them are celebrities that are my favorites and others are here just because the photos are hard to find. For others check the above links.

- When you see this icon, it means that you can visit the IMDB page featuring info on the celebrity just by clicking.


Anna Kournikova : The most beautiful tennis player! Too young and professional to have nudes.

Bundys : FAKE, but it sure is funny!

Cameron Diaz : Caught in the act? Paparazzi at the beach.

Charlize Theron : The most famous ass, first appeared in the Martini commercial. Now a movie star.

Christina Papa : Famous Greek Celebrity. Breast pic.

Christina Ricci : Very young actress, beautiful, but in a peculiar way. No nudes of course!

Claudia Schiffer : Early years vs later years, your choice.

Chelsey Clinton : About the funniest pic I' ve seen! FAKE of Clinton' s "cute" daughter.

Hillary Clinton : Hey! Who put this here? Shame on you! (FAKE).

Eleni Menegaki : Morning show in Greek TV. Swimsuit pics.

Erika Eleniak : Baywatch babe, quite revealing.

Gabriella Sabatini : Check out this -once famous- tennis player!! Totally nude!

Ina Lazopoulou : Greek Celebrity, topless, wearing a string.

Jamie Lee Curtis : Great body!

Jane Seymour : Dr Quinn like never seen!! Fantastic...

Joddie Foster : Make CONTACT with Joddie.

Kylie Minogue : Australian Singer, also appeared in the big screen.

Lene Mystrom : The beautiful singer of the group Aqua.

Madeline Stowe : Another true beauty. Among others, appeared in 12 Monkeys.

Mariah Carey : Even if you don' t like her songs you can' t denny her looks.

Marina Sirtis : Star Trek TNG's counselor Deanna Troi.