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Fan Pages

If you are interest it in a specific celebrity that appears in this list, then you are given the best fan page probably featuring many pics and other material. If you can find an even better fan site than the ones listed below, or you have a request - please e-mail me.


Alizee : Born in '84 she was just 16 years old when she released the French hit : Moi... Lolita.

Anna Kournikova : She' s gorgeous, she' s young, she is one of the best tennis players.

Britney Spears : Baby one more time...

Brooke Shields :Captivating from the very beginning... Remember "Pretty Baby"? She was only 11 at the time.

Heather Graham : Austin Power's latest babe. Shaggadelic.

Jessica Biel : Young beauty that first appeared in the TV series 7th Heaven.

Jolene Blalock : Plays vulcan subcommander T' Pol on the latest Star Trek series : Enterprise.

Kirsten Dunst : Young actress. One of her earliest films was Interview with a Vampire.

Mariah Carrey : Gorgeous singer - I' m sure you' re familiar with her.

Marisa Tomei : A beautifull actress.

Mena Suvari : American Beauty.

Mitzi Kapture : Remember the beautifull Rita from "Silk Stockings"? Also appeared in the early episodes of baywatch.

Monica Keena : Young Actress.

Natalia Oreiro : Model from Uruguay that stars in the sopa opera "Milagros". Page in Spanish.

Peta Wilson : Sexy star of the series "Nikita".

Phoebe Cates : Another beautifull actress, she could have had an even better fan site.

Rena Mero (WWF's Sable) : Can you believe she's a pro Wrestler?

Sarah Jessica Parker : Well known actress.

Shannon Elizabeth : The gorgeous Nadja of American Pie.

Thalia : Appeared on some SILLY brazilian shows (Marimar e.t.c.). She is a singer too.

Vanessa Williams : The first black Miss America in the early eighties, now stars in movies.