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MP3 Encoders & CD-Rippers

***The programs below are full versions, so that you can test their full functionality. If you use them regularly make sure you buy them.***

CD Rippers :
These programs will allow you to copy CD-Tracks to your HD (as wav files).

-WinDac 32 v1.48 WinDAC32 Homepage
Usually proves to be the fastest.

-Audiograbber v1.62 WinDAC32 Homepage
Better than WinDac for some CD-ROM drives.


MP3 Encoders :
Converting WAV to MP3 is easy with these programs.

-Xing MP3Encoder 2.20 XingMP3 Homepage
The Fastest program available. The quality is good, but not the best possible.



Rippers/Encoders :
Direct conversion of audio CD's to mp3.

-CDex 1.30 XingMP3 Homepage
Amazing! This program does everything : ripping, encoding to any format, and above all it is free!!.