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Ecuador' s Fun Links


1. General Fun and Joke links


My Jokesmail
Jeff maintains this site, which, as the name suggests sends daily e-mail to its members containing jokes and fun stuff.

SkunkVT's Web Pages
This site features lots of funny stuff, including a joke generator.

Rompa Di GrNet
Logs of IRC users who knew less than they thought. GREEK only.

Jokes GR
Many jokes, special "Korkolis section". GREEK only.
Pics, videos etc. GREEK only.
The stupidest things people said in public. GREEK only.



2. Artificial Intelligence

Might not seem like conventional "fun" sites, but go ahead and check out these humorous attempts for AI.

The Cyrano Server
Fantastic love letter generator. Fill in the required data, choose a style and have your personal love letter delivered!

Scott Pakin's Automatic Complaint-Letter Generator
He he, this is quite funny, check it out.

Planetary - The Artificial Intelligence Playground
A few robots, from dirty Cheri, to Eliza the psychiatrist, the Star Trek script generator, or the even better the University Lecture.

Dissertation Topic
Well, can' t think of a good one? Check out this page and get ready for your Ph.D.


3. Other Fun pages

Couldn't actually categorize these sites. Try them.

The Darwin Awards
You all are familiar to Darwin's theory of evolution. Well, each year the Darwin award goes to the "daring" individual, who sacrificed himself by eliminating his pathetic genes from mankind's gene pool, attributing to human evolution. Are you confused? Don' t be, just check out a site about people who ended their idiotic lives in the most stupid way.

The Universal Translator
This one is not exactly AI, but it is pretty funny, as it allows you to view websites "translated" in some weird English dialects.

There are some really weird people on the net, and this site features the weirdest of them.