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/** Η Katana και ο Ακατανόητος. **/

Start of katana buffer: Fri Nov 26 02:29:00 1999
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<Neptune> hi
<katana> hi
<Neptune> a/s/l?
<katana> 19 f thai
<Neptune> 24/m/Puerto rico
<katana> ok nice to meet you
<Neptune> shame too
<Neptune> are u disabled?
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<katana> huh?
<katana> what?
<Neptune> i mean are u homeless?
<katana> no
<Neptune> ok :)]
<Neptune> me neither
<katana> why you think i m homeless??
<Neptune> i don't i just asked
<katana> oh ok
<Neptune> what sports do u like?
<katana> i dont play any sport
<Neptune> are u disabled?
/** 'Αντε πάλι... **/
<katana> no
<Neptune> then how come?
<katana> what did you mean
<Neptune> how come u don't play sports?are u lazy?
<katana> hey hey i m artist
<katana> not a sport girl
<katana> i play playstation games
<katana> like musics
<katana> writing
<Neptune> what is playstation?
<katana> animation&portrait drawing
/** Αυτό πάντος, σίγουρα δεν είναι. **/
<Neptune> what is playstation?
<katana> a kind of vdo game
<Neptune> voodo?
<katana> vidio game
<Neptune> ah
<Neptune> what do u deal with?
<katana> tv
<Neptune> u are an actor?
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<katana> huh??
<katana> deal with??
<katana> eh...what did you mean "what do you deal with"
<Neptune> what do in your life mwre
<katana> oic!!
<katana> i study
<Neptune> ok
<Neptune> i think it has something to do with cars
<Neptune> or not?
<katana> cars??
<Neptune> yes
<Neptune> u fix cars
<Neptune> can u help me?
<Neptune> mine can't start because
<Neptune> the batterie is low
<Neptune> can i start it in some other way
<Neptune> so that i can move it
<Neptune> to another batterie and charge it?
/** Σπρώξε ρε. **/
<katana> i dont study about automibles
<Neptune> ah sorry
<katana> i study sociology&anthropology
<katana> very far with cars
<Neptune> i thought study was another verb
<Neptune> so u deal with buildings?
<katana> no
<Neptune> mobile phones?
<Neptune> what is anthropology?
<Neptune> like astrophysics?
<katana> anthropoidea = human being (latin lang)
<Neptune> oh it's all greek to me
/** Έγραψε... **/
<Neptune> haha
<Neptune> u know in puerto rico we have a saying
<Neptune> u want me to tell u?
<katana> okay
<katana> go on
<Neptune> nada delos palmos serre questo aviande salos permos
dios qaro paiyardos
/** Και στο Ecuador το έχουμε. **/
<Neptune> it means
<katana> means what?
<Neptune> why go for the ocean when all u need is a beach?
<Neptune> got it?
<katana> yes
<Neptune> tell me more about u
<katana> ask me then
<Neptune> ok
<Neptune> but we will play it in the form of a game ok?
<Neptune> u can't answer with a question
<Neptune> and when i ask a question and u answer
<Neptune> then u must ask a question
<Neptune> ok?
<katana> umm....i ll try...
<Neptune> what kind of chip do u use?
<katana> eh...sorry but what s chip s meaning
<Neptune> $%%#$%$%#%u lose
/** Σιγά που δε θα έχανε. **/
<Neptune> but for the first time we'll make an exception
<Neptune> i mean cpu
<Neptune> go ahead
<katana> i dont know
<Neptune> ok
<Neptune> your turn to ask know
<katana> why i ve to do like this,answer & ask....then answer & ask again....
<Neptune> ok then let's try to get interactive
<Neptune> would u like that?
<katana> no
<Neptune> do u know what it is?
<katana> no
<Neptune> then how do u know u don't want it?
<Neptune> u are afraid it's gonna hurt u?
<katana> what s it i dont even know so how could i understant what you say!?
<Neptune> i am telling u that society can no longer experiment
<Neptune> we are afraid!
<Neptune> and this has to change
<Neptune> u agree?
<katana> why social has no changes???
<katana> it changes all the time!
<Neptune> no
<Neptune> and it takes a simple thief to understand how big the problem is
<katana> no you are misunderstand
<Neptune> how can u say that?
<Neptune> have u ever been to prison?
<katana> huh?
<katana> no
<Neptune> u see?neither have i
<Neptune> that's what i'm telling u
<katana> social s not prison
<Neptune> everyone has to go to jail
<Neptune> to reform
<Neptune> and then everyone will be able to play basketball like a free man
<katana> why ve to go to jail??
<Neptune> because alexandros says so
<katana> who is alexandros
<Neptune> he is an ancient god of egypt who liked human sacrifices ans backgammon amongst others
/** !!! **/
<katana> what a god he is...
<Neptune> was
<Neptune> anyway
<Neptune> do u gladish talking to me?
<katana> what did you mean??
<Neptune> i mean if it katlered u talking with me
<katana> katlered???
<Neptune> yes
<Neptune> bothered
<katana> i didnt find it in my dictionary
/** Μπαμπινιώτη κοίταξες; **/
<katana> translate please?
<Neptune> bothered
<katana> no no not bothered
<Neptune> what?
<Neptune> u question me?